From the Editors: Reflecting on the CanLit Guides 2018 Edited Collection

We’re thrilled to welcome the new year with the CanLit Guides 2018 Edited Collection finished, polished, published online, and already being used in university classrooms across Canada and beyond. Since we launched the collection in May, CanLit Guides has been viewed more than 120,000 times by users all over the world!

This ambitious and innovative project began more than two years ago, and involved countless hours of workshopping, writing, revising, writing, and revising again. We’re immensely grateful for the time and energy our authors dedicated to the project, and we’re immensely proud of the results.

With the project now officially wrapped up, here are a few things I’m taking away with me: Canadian literature is as dynamic a conversation as ever. Scholars in the field are not afraid to ask challenging questions—of their students and of themselves—and engage with important issues. There is a great deal of energy for bringing research and teaching together in ways that support student learning—and countless examples of this kind of work happening in the field. And, finally, we can achieve so much more when we collaborate than we can on our own. What a gift it was to work with and learn from this talented group of scholars.

Happy new year, happy reading, happy studying!

— Ceilidh Hart, Assistant Editor