Discussion Questions

Read the following articles from Canadian Literature:

Select a quotation from at least one of the papers by MacLaren and MacLulich that helps to answer each question:

  • Do we perform roles derived from narrative forms (including novels, movies, TV, etc.) in our daily lives? Does this blur the boundary between literature and life?
  • How does writing style convey an impression of the writer as trustworthy and of his words as factual and truthful?
  • How does the purpose for which a particular piece of writing was produced affect its style?
  • Oral tradition is often seen to be less trustworthy than accounts that have been written down on paper. How do these articles force us to rethink this notion?

Works Cited

  • MacLaren, I. S. Samuel Hearne & the Landscapes of Discovery. Canadian Literature 103 (1984): 27–40. Print. (PDF)
  • MacLulich, T. D. The Explorer as Hero: Mackenzie and Fraser. Canadian Literature 75 (1977): 49–74. Print. (PDF)