Entering the Discourses of the Journal

  1. To familiarize yourself with the array of writings in a journal like Canadian Literature, review, from the list below, the full content of a special issue. Special issues coordinate articles around a specific topic. In a group discussion, produce a collaboratively written description of the issue’s contents. What kinds of writings are included in the issue? What is it about the issue that has led the editors to call it special? How does a special issue differ from a regular issue?
  2. In this issue, what is the purpose and significance of each of the following items? (Note: not all of these items are in each issue.) Write an individual response of no more than two pages.
    • Editorials
    • Introductions
    • Articles (pick two to comment on more specifically)
    • Interviews
    • Poetry
    • Book reviews
    • Letters/reflections/opinions/afterwords

Here are some Canadian Literature special issues relevant to nationalism: