“Hic Rhodus, Hic Salta” by Roger Farr

If one in every four Americans

Appears on television in his

Or her lifetime, and the amount

Of money spent on ice-cream

Each year is equal to the

Amount needed to secure

The reproductive health of women

Then 599,000 cattle, 1.8 million

Pigs, and 500,000 lambs will be

Slaughtered by the end of the week.

If the average annual income

For a cashier at Wal-Mart is $14,000

And the average life expectancy

In Zimbabwe is 31 years

Then production costs for reality

Television will be $800,000 per

Hour. If Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s

Wedding cost between $2-3 million

And total spending on health care

In Canada is $3,298 per person

Then the main occupation for the

Disabled will be begging. If a child

Dies of starvation every seven seconds

And over 150,000 people purchase

Stomach-shrinking surgery each year

Then farmers will be subsidized

$350 billion. If 24,000 people

Die from hunger each day

And Canadians spend $8,000 for

A face lift, $5,000 for a tummy-tuck

$4,000 for a brow lift, and $500

For a Botox injection, then every

Six seconds a woman will be raped.

If the same woman earns 77 cents

For every dollar her rapist earns

And a single person on welfare

In Canada lives on less

Than $6,000 a year, then 80% of

Global production will be controlled

By fewer than 1,000 corporations.

If aboriginal children in Canada

Are twice as likely to be poor

As non-aboriginal children, and

The total fur production increases

From 73, 522 pelts in 2002

To 115, 953 pelts in 2006, then

The incarceration rate will increase

From 129 per 100,000 in 2005

To 131 per 100,000 in 2006. If

The 900 million people who live

In the West consume 86% of global

Expenditures, and 300 tonnes

Of hazardous waste are

Produced each year, then the

Average world income per head

Will be $7,530. If printed

Matter and literature constitute

14.7% of global cultural exports

And 179 of the 500 largest corporations

In the world are located in the US

Then the Dept. of Defense will

Employ over 2 million people

In over 600,000 buildings, on over

30 million acres of land. If data

Shows a strong correlation between

American involvement in International

Situations and an increase in terrorist

Attacks on American tourists, and

The number of cars on the road

Increases three times faster than

The US population rate, then Canada

Will rank highest in the world

For internet penetration. If 81% of

Those polled agree that exercising power

Yields greater rewards than exercising

Compassion, and labour force

Participation by women increases

From 37.7% in 1960 to 57.3% in 1991

Then 286 million hens will be involved

In egg production in 2005. If the World

Bank defines the international poverty

Line as U.S. $1 per day, and a 90%

Cut in carbon emissions is needed

To stop temperatures rising by 2 degrees

Celsius by 2030, then 50,000 plant

And animal species will disappear

This year–Hic Rhodus, Hic Salta!

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