Reading Prompts

The following contemporary poems, published recently in Canadian Literature, reflect upon events, topics, and issues related to this chapter.

If one of the poems appeals to you, and you would like to read it more closely or write a paper about it, here are some suggestions:

  • Have a look at the Close Reading Poetry chapter.
  • Return to the poem and work through it line by line in the ways modelled by the sample readings.
  • Ask yourself why the poem was selected for this unit—the answer will help you focus your close reading.

Hic Rhodus, Hic Salta by Roger Farr

How would you connect the title to the rest of the poem?

Meeting Diefenbaker by Jay Ruzesky

How does this story about a young boy (too young to have a sense of history) convey a sense of history?

Works Cited

  • Farr, Roger. Hic Rhodus, Hic Salta. Canadian Literature 206 (2010): 45–47. Print.
  • Ruzesky, Jay. Meeting Diefenbaker. Canadian Literature 127 (1990): 60–61. Print.