Nationalism and Literature: Cross-Genre Connections

Assignment: Cross-Genre Connections

In this critical writing assignment, compare and contrast one book and at least one (or even a few) of the following poems (or select from others found in this unit).

Use the resources in this guide to draw out similarities and differences between the texts. For instance, the questions tied to the conceptual overview and the case studies will provide helpful jumping-off points, as will the Canadian Literature resources cited throughout.

Discuss how the texts engage with a facet of the nationalist discussion, such as issues related to colonialism, transnationalism, and multiculturalism. Then consider pervasive myths about the nation and its citizens. The social symbol of Northernness, or the story of the birth of the nation through World War I, are possible instances to consider. Keep in mind how the form of the story or the poem impacts how, and what is being represented.

Write an essay that compares and contrasts the poem(s) and book, and use at least two articles from Canadian Literature to help develop your argument.