Archive shortcode

Reading List

  • can’t have filter include AND filter exclude in the same filter but you can exclude & include multiple terms



title=”Reading List”





excerpt_more=”read more”





  • -> seeing the related ubc product types
    • only need the related=permalink if the product is related to something else via permalink and if you’re placing the shortcode in the related thing
    • USED on the product itself to see the product types
  • 2018 Edited Collection Available History & Culture
    • retrieves the product type of the UBC Product that links to that page
  • -> shows the “Add to Cart” button on Pages that have been linked to from Products
  • drag and drop cart items
  • end date
    • if you put smth into the cart and you keep working on the website, it’ll remain the cart
    • until there are 18 minutes of inactivity, where it resets
    • can keep smth in the cart for hours after it has become unavailable
    • if they keep the archive page open, and the deadline hits, the button does not automatically change to grey
      • but will prevent them from adding to the cart
    • GF -> get sent a cart and can use the save & continue later button will interfere
    • useful when using cart for events or registration
  • Please specify a query for your [ loop ] shortcode.
    • finds all the subpages of the parent listed in the parameter